Filling the Void

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Trying to hold onto your young and healthy skin? You should!

As we age, our bodies change both from the inside and the outside. We transform in every way: from the way we eat and walk to the way we feel, sleep, and of course, look. We work our hardest to eat better so we can feel good, we work out so our bodies stay in good shape, we take up new sleep habits to keep up our health, and we wear makeup to accentuate (or cover up) what we have. With all this maintenance and work we do to help our bodies stay fit and young, why do we even bat a lash when it comes to rejuvenating the face with a little filler?

Facial fillers are comprised of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in our skin tissue. A sugar-based substance that is responsible for nutrient and moisture levels in the skin cells, fillers are basically giving your body what the years are taking away (not exactly, but you get the point!). As we age, the collagen and hyaluronic acid production decreases, as does the skin’s elasticity and volume (the plumpness in our face that gives it shape).

One of the fun thing that happens as we age is wrinkles! Wrinkles around the eyes, the lips, wrinkles dragging our skin down… Cheeks? What cheeks? It’s a hollow void where my full, glowing cheeks once were! Oh the glory of aging! I say, fill’er up!

Minimally invasive, facial fillers simply refill the void at the site of injection. Fillers can also target scars so that’s an added bonus. Impacting the appearance of skin to give that youthful plumpness, fillers simply re“fill” what you once had. Some use fillers to look younger and fuller, while some use fillers to prevent the signs of aging from ever becoming visible. With natural-looking results, there’s really no reason why one should frown upon those who take the active step in preserving their dermatological youth (and frown they must not, as that would be all the more reason to get fillers!).

Oh and fyi… at Elna Esthetics, we inject with Juvederm and Restylane. Both hyaluronic acid fillers are highly sought-after injectables as they’ve seen the most exceptional results.

Stay young, stay fit, stay healthy – go for that steam, take that walk, eat that apple, and while you’re at it, get those fillers!





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