The Age of Anti-Aging

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The anti-aging market is booming with all kinds of products and treatments that claim to have the solution to turning back the clock on your skin. There are lotions, serums, creams and makeup products that give that quick fix to that tired eye or loose-looking skin. But, looking young isn’t just about pulling a temple here and lifting a brow there, young skin is about radiance, that youthful glow that your 20- or 30-something skin naturally produced. But how? Why hasn’t anyone bottled that up yet?! Or have they…

Erasing the years from your skin is something that can be done with many different treatments that are widely available. But, rejuvenating the skin to look younger and more vibrant is yet another layer to add to that Benjamin Button effect we are all after. A quick visit to the local beauty store will prove that there are hundreds (even more) products out there that boast the desired effect of looking young or preventing visible signs of aging. But, when you’re ready to invest in a real treatment, that’s when you’ll see real results.

Here are 4 simple treatments that you should look into that will wind back time:

  1. Forever Young BBL: it’s in the name, so really, I should say no more. But, I’ll elaborate… The Forever Young BBL is jam-packed with rejuvenating properties as it stimulates new collagen growth, which in laymen’s terms means, younger-looking skin. By targeting all of the skin’s problem areas from the inside out, the Forever Young BBL gets deep into the skin’s layers and leaves you with brighter, clearer, smoother looking skin. Yess!
  2. Vampire Facials: The Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is an injection-based facial that brings out your inner glow. By encouraging the body’s own natural healing process, a Vampire Facial stimulates cell turnover, which promotes collagen production and regenerates skin tissue. Hello 20s, here we come!
  3. Neuromodulator: Have you heard the cliché “prevention is the best medicine”? Well, Neuromodulator can be used in many different ways, but the basic tenant remains the same: by freezing facial muscles, Neuromodulator prevents wrinkles from occurring. When a muscle is frozen, it will be used less often. If it’s used less frequently, then that wrinkly (and obvious) sign of aging will be delayed. Voilà!
  4. Fillers: As we age our skin begins to have that sunken look. That’s where fillers come in. By injecting hyaluronic acid fillers into the face (and neck), your skin will look rejuvenated and look plump again… ready to defy the laws of aging. There are a few different types of injectable fillers you can look into, but the overall effect is the same: volume will return at the site of the injection. Yippee!

Some extra things you can do to help preserve your skin’s overall health are simple. First and foremost, moisturize, wash your face, and stay hydrated. You’ll want to avoid straws (think lip wrinkles), quit smoking, and here’s a random fun fact, sleep on your back (constantly pressing your face into a pillow can cause friction, which equals fine lines and wrinkles, who knew?).

All 4 of the treatments mentioned have several other functions and can be used in a plethora of ways. For example, reducing age spots, targeting rosacea, improving appearance of contour deformities, and so much more. So, if you’ve got any questions, call or email and let’s talk anti-aging. We’ve got lots to discuss!


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