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While we’d have to go back well over half a century and across a few borders to trace the cultural and social root (excuse the pun!) of hair removal, suffice it to say that on this side of the world, it is common practice for women (and even men) to remove excess hair on any visible surface of the skin other than the head, eyebrow, and eyelash areas.

Shaving used to be the most common way to remove hair. Quick, cost-effective, and widely advertised, shaving the legs, armpits, and bikini region became the norm (with the exception of many hippies, hipsters, female activists… you get the point). As depilatory practices evolved, more options became available. From waxing to laser hair removal, women were presented with a variety of ways to get rid of unwanted hair. Well, here’s another new and improved treatment that will help you get rid of that pesky, unwanted hair permanently.

Forever Bare BBL laser hair removal sends highly concentrated beams of energy to destroy the roots within each hair follicle. Killing the root of each hair that is in its initial growth phase, the gentle, yet effective hair removal treatment is safer and faster than any other traditional treatment currently on the market (because even razors can cut you while shaving!).

Using motion technology to deliver multiple lower fluence pulses at a high repetition rate, the skin is protected even at even though the heat us at such a high level. Even at maximum power, the Forever Bare BBL cools the skin through its sapphire plate (found on the hand-piece), so that before, during and after the treatment, your skin will be at the optimal temperature for hair removal all while keeping you cool and hair-free.

While women happen to be the target audience for hair removal, we can’t forget our male counterpart and their many unwanted hairy areas. Many men seek Forever Bare BBL treatment for some of their undesired hair areas. It takes as little as 3 to 7 sessions to see results, which means that his back will be vacation-ready in no time.

The benefits of Forever Bare BBL laser hair removal are bountiful. Most notably, the accuracy of the technology is what makes it stand apart in a class of its own. Selectively targeting hair, the heat kills the follicle while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. It is a non-invasive procedure, which is always a selling point, and there is zero downtime. Each pulse takes a fraction of a second, which means the treatment is quite quick. And, if all of those weren’t great enough reasons… your skin will be smooth like a baby’s bottom. Sign me up!

If you want to find out more about laser hair removal, call or email to book an appointment. We can discuss whether you are a candidate for the treatment and how quickly you can get started!


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