Acne: Because Your Skin Matters

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As early as pre-puberty, young adolescents can start developing acne: a condition characterized by pimples (inflammations of the sebaceous glands) on the face, neck, or body. Although it is most common in teenagers, acne spares no victim. From women with chin acne to men with “back”ne, and everything in between, we’ve all had it, and obviously, at the most inopportune times. Yup! acne is an irritant; that annoying friend that just won’t go away. But with proper systems set in place, it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s unclear why adolescents are more prone to acne, but given that their hormones are increasing, and their skin’s oil glands get bigger around puberty, it’s a general rule that teenagers tend to produce more sebum than any other age group. More sebum means that your body is producing and secreting more oil. This inevitably leads to more oil buildup. Hence, acne.

Pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, or cysts are all variations on the same theme. They are all different types of acne that are basically bulges formed under the skin that either get clogged with either dead skin, oil, or bacteria (or all of the above!). Although there is no cure for acne, there are a wide array of treatments available depending on the kind, the intensity, and the presentation of the acne. There are also great at-home tips to improve your skincare maintenance, as well as nutritional factors that play a role in how your skin looks and feels.

First, let’s start with a simple one, two, three.

One: Wash your face daily. Do not scrub. Acne cannot be scrubbed away, no matter how hard you try. Be gentle.

Two: Avoid touching your face. As tempting as it may be to squeeze that pimple, do not touch it. Simply refrain from touching your face in general as this spreads bacteria and excess oil.

Three: Implement a personalized skincare regimen by consulting with a professional. There are bountiful treatments that have seen amazing results. Inquire, because it’s worth it!

Acne is not a life-threatening condition. But, it does affect overall self-esteem and emotional health. If your skin is breaking out and it makes you feel uncomfortable, that’s when you know it’s time to get educated on your options. So here’s what we can tell you:

There are oral treatments available, but medication is kind of a thing of the past when it comes to acne treatment. One tried and tested treatment we stand by is Forever Clear BBL. It is an established and effective acne treatment using intense pulsed light (IPL) which directly targets the source of acne. This also effectively reduces existing inflammation and redness.

With a few short treatments, your acne could be kicked like a bad habit. Yes, please!

More pro tips:

  • Invest in headphones. Get that phone off your chin… you’re spreading all kinds of bacteria
  • Change your pillowcase as often as every second night if you’re prone to bad acne
  • Stay away from oily foods and sugars
  • Avoid wearing tight hats regularly
  • Reduce stress and get a good night’s sleep

We have a variety of treatment to keep your skin looking healthy, glowing, young, and blemish-free, because your skin matters.

Leave it to us, because you can’t touch your face… but we can!










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