How Microblading Can Change Your Life

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People of the 90s all over the world, this one’s for you. It’s been a long while now that thick eyebrows have been “on trend,” and it’s safe to say that there is no going back to the time of over-plucked brows.

For those who aren’t aware of a magical thing called microblading and what it can do for your brow line, allow us to explain. Over 25 years ago, in Asia, the microblading technique was invented. It’s the perfect solution to fill gaps, define shape, cover scars, or create that model-like arch.

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Microblading is a technique whereby a microneedle etches hair-like, semi-permanent strokes onto your brow line to create a 3D effect of a fuller brow. One of the most amazing things about microblading is that by feathering in hair strokes, the esthetician or microblading specialist can create the perfect arch to match your face. So whether you were born with it and plucked it all away, or if you never had it and always wanted it… with a wave of a magic wand, you can have flawless brows!

They are currently developing the nano-blading technique, which is basically the same thing but with a finer instrument for smaller strokes. But for now, let’s stick with microblading

By releasing a small amount of all-natural, vegan ink into the epidermis, the skin catches the pigment and creates an unparalleled natural brow effect. It’s no revolution to the beauty world, however, for those who have yet to see the incredible results, this will seriously change your life. Why?

Gone are the days of applying brow pencils or powders, worrying how jumping in the pool or sweating at the gym might make your eyebrows drip down your face. Rather than spend unseemly amounts of money on products to then spend extra time applying and removing the products throughout the day, why not invest in a long-term plan that is proven to have fantastic results. Sleep in a little extra because you can wake up happy knowing you have full eyebrows on your face.

Another benefit? No one will be the wiser. The microblading technique is so natural looking, you cannot tell the difference between real hair and the ink strokes. The procedure is quick and virtually painless, and our experts consult every step of the way to ensure that you get the desired outcome from shape to colour to thickness. Working with your natural contours and facial features, we use the most precise measuring tools (it’s like eyebrow architecture!) to draw on The. Perfect. Brow. Period.

Not having to wake up early to draw on your eyebrows is just one of the many gifts microblading has given us. Some of the other gifts include the perfect Cara Delevingne or Brooke Shields brow. Naturally multi-dimensional brows to augment the pigmentation of a too-blonde brow or tweezer-friendly look (think Christina Aguilera), microblading isn’t the future. It’s right now.

Once you try it, you’ll tell anyone who’ll listen. Trust me. #BrowGoals


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