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Do you have skin goals?

Sometimes a product or a service is so accurately named that it tells you everything it is going to do. That’s the feeling people get when I tell them about the Halo Skin Treatment— it immediately makes you think of a shiny halo; words like ‘bright’ and ‘angelic’ come to mind. That’s sort of exactly what the Halo Skin Treatment does: it leaves your skin looking smoother, more youthful and more vibrant, like a shiny halo (think Beyoncé).

So what is the Halo Skin Treatment exactly? The Halo uses a High Fractional Laser that has the benefits of both ablative and non-ablative lasers, targeting beneath the outer layer of the skin as well as the skin’s surface in one swift treatment. We all have different #skingoals which makes it hard to find one treatment that works for everyone, however one of the unique draws about the Halo is that it is highly customizable. You choose how intense or how light you’d like the treatment to be so that you can reach your desired skin goals. An intense treatment will repair the skin’s damage from deep within and a lighter treatment stays slightly more surface—regardless of the intensity, you’ll walk away with smoother, more vibrant-looking skin.

Here’s the thing, even for those who take the best care of our skin—applying sunscreen, keeping hydrated, moisturizing, and so on—our body’s naturally age, and so does our skin. Our skin will naturally wear and tear over time, and although there are several treatments that can effectively target damaged or aged skin (think Neuromodulator and fillers), there are also more natural strategies that can be implemented into your skincare regime that can not only reverse the signs of aging, but also prevent more visible signs from showing up.

The Halo Skin Treatment works in a fairly straightforward way: two lasers work together to regenerate tissue and correct skin imperfections. The first laser is ablative and vaporizes the affected tissue (think of how a lawn mower aerates a lawn, yes I compared your face to a grassy front yard!). The second laser heats up the targeted tissue triggering collagen and elastin production. The body’s natural defense system is triggered and sends healing properties to the treated area. Your dead skin will flake away, and new, fresh skin will appear.

So let’s get down to business. What are the Halo’s superpowers?

Well, it addresses the appearance of:

  • Discoloration
  • Sun damage
  • Visible signs of aging
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Enlarged pores
  • Poor texture
  • Appearance of fine lines
  • Appearance of scars

We all have our own skin goals we hope to achieve. You can choose an effective treatment based on many factors, and in the case of the Halo, one of the winning elements is the recovery time – depending on the intensity you choose, downtime can range anywhere from next day to approximately one week!

With the plethora of facials, skincare treatments, and products available out there, it’s hard sometimes to discern which is the best for you. Read up on the Halo, ask a friend who’s done it before, or call us at Elna Esthetics, to learn if the Halo Skin Treatment is right for you. Until next time!


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