Give Your Lashes a Lift

… and a little tint while you’re at it!

Much like the fashion industry, the beauty world sees trends that come in and out of style. We’ve got our own buzzwords that float around the cosmetic world… think hyaluronic acid, collagen, vampire facial, microblading, and so on. This season we’re seeing plump lips and thick brows, and while neither of those are likely to disappear any time soon, one classic look that doesn’t sway with the trends is dark, well curled lashes. We can thank good ol’ Cleopatra for that sultry look, and since it’s been around since ancient Egypt, safe to say it’s not going anywhere.

Most women who find their eyelashes to be short, straight, and facing downward, have tried everything from the best eyelash curler to the mascara that boasts the most volumizing effects. But, despite best efforts, eyelashes will not stay up, thick, and curly all day long – cut to me reapplying mascara before the evening sets.

If you’ve tried eyelash extensions, then you know how outstanding the results can be, but the truth is that there are a few side effects to be weary of. Mainly, that the natural lashes get thinner, more brittle, or fall out. Putting on daily falsies can also be a great trick, but who wants to apply false lashes every day? So, here’s the pro tip: lash lift and tint. Super simple. Super straightforward. Super cost-effective.

With a lash lift and tint you get the semi-permanent curl of extensions and keep your natural lashes free from damage. It’s kind of like a perm, but for your lashes, and the best part is that the lift looks natural. The upward shape looks effortless and, another plus? You can choose whether you’d like your lashes to curl up or curl outward – think baby doll versus bedroom eyes.

Gloriously low maintenance, you can opt for a tint. This means that you can add a deep black colour to your lashes that gives the impression of mascara without having to apply a stitch of makeup. I think the most obvious advantage, besides the time you save every morning, is a hassle-free vacation look. Lift and tint before you jet off on your next trip and no need to pack any makeup! Kind of spectacular if I do say so myself!

The low maintenance appeal to a lash lift and tint speaks for itself, but here’s another selling point: it lasts anywhere from 8-10 weeks. After the 10-20 minutes appointment, you’ll guard those lashes with your life. No moisture, humidity, no makeup, no getting wet. Once those 24 hours are up, your life is as easy as wake up and go. Best hundred dollars you’ll ever spend!

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