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Microblading – Everything you need to know !

Are you tired of wasting time every morning trying to perfectly shape your eyebrows? Or you are still undecided as to which eyebrow design best enhances your features? If you are wondering about the microblading process – a type of eyebrow tattoo – you are on the right page. Find out what the procedure really feels like, how it works and if it meets your needs. 

First of all, what exactly is microblading? 

Microblading is a type of eyebrow tattooing, aimed at providing the best possible shape for your face, while still maintaining a natural look. It is truly the perfect technique to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape for your face, using an entirely personalized approach. In fact, the outline is based on your facial lines, while the colour is adapted to your skin tone.  

Finally, what is the difference between microblading and having your eyebrows tattooed?  

Unlike tattooing, the microblading technique does not penetrate as deeply into the layers of your skin, thus better respecting its surface. This allows for a more natural result that fades more easily. 

So, how long does microblading last? 

Mircroblading lasts between 1 and 4 years before it fades. Annual touch-ups increase its life span. 

I feel tempted, but I wonder if it’s painful. 

In all testimonials, people agree that the procedure isn’t very painful, but more akin to a feeling of discomfort. Indeed, the procedure itself is not painful thanks to a cream applied to the area. Strangely, it is often the sound of the needle that patients find unpleasant. The procedure itself is quite quick. In fact, it is mainly the drawing and selection of the shape that takes longer (roughly 50 minutes). Don’t worry you will not be subjected to needs for the whole 2-hour duration of your appointment!  

Can I remove my microblading if necessary? 

Yes, the pigment used does not leave scars or discoloration, and a saline solution can be used to dissolve the outline.   

I have sensitive skin, and wonder whether I could have an allergic reaction 

In our experience, this is extremely rare! However, rest assured: a test is always performed prior to treatment in order to make sure 

Ready to take action?

Make an appointment for your microblading session with our technician in Montreal. 

Last but not least, some tips to keep in mind before your microblading session: 

  1. Call us if needed !
  2. Do not use retinol or vitamin A on your skin in the month leading up to your microblading session.
  3. Do not perform a botox injection within three weeks of your session. Our clinics also offer botox sessions, so be sure to ask about them.
  4. Avoid UV sessions or direct sun exposure two weeks prior.
  5. Do not pluck or dye your eyebrows during the week preceding the procedure.
  6. Do not drink alcohol 24-48 hours before your appointment.
  7. Avoid sports on the day of your appointment.
  8. Get ready to look the best you’ve looked in a long time!


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