Where’d My Hair Go?

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If you’re like most women, then you probably shed about a handful (or more) of hair a day. You look at your hairbrush and you’re floored by how much has come out, then you take a shower and look down at the drain and again you think, how is there even any hair left on your head!?

On average, women lose about 80-100 strands of hair a day. While that may sound like a lot, it’s just a small number compared to the average 100,000 strands per head. Shedding hair is all part of the natural cycle of hair growth, however, when you start to shed a lot more than what your “normal” is, or you notice it’s falling out but isn’t growing back, that’s when things might get a little hairy (excuse the pun).

There are many reasons why some women experience hair loss. Some of those factors include:

  • Genetic predisposition to thinning hair
  • Nutritional deficiency or crash dieting
  • Thyroid problems (hypo or hyper)
  • Iron deficiency / anemia
  • Emotional factors like stress
  • Dyeing, chemicals, styling tools
  • Hormonal imbalances (pregnancy, menopause)
  • Age
  • Illness

Knowing what’s triggering the hair loss can sometimes help, however, in some cases, the cause is insignificant when it comes to how emotional distressing it feels to part with your mane. It’s an emotional issue for women to experience hair loss, and so finding the right balance between naturally boosting your diet and avoiding over-styling your hair is essential.

Another natural way to invigorate hair growth and stimulate new cells and follicles to recruit new hair is through Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Treatment injections. Innovative in the field of medical and cosmetic science, Platelet Rich Plasma (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections helps restore and naturally reverse thinning hair by activating the platelets and allowing them to do what they do best: generate growth and boost a follicle’s ability to become thicker.

Platelets are known for many things, but one great gift is that they release growth factors and recruit reparative cells. This helps revitalize and heal tissue allowing for new cells to grow. Combine that little tidbit of science with the creative hair twist, and voilà! Hair treatment for all!

The injected plasma comes from your body, and so by reintroducing your blood back through the serum, we can safely say that the procedure is chemical-free and an all-natural way to improve the texture and thickness of your hair, increase overall volume, and help your hair look and feel healthier.

There are so many causes for hair loss, but only one sentiment: make it stop! If you don’t feel comfortable with your receding hair line or if the excessive shedding is too much, look into the root (more puns) of the problem so you can get your action plan together. No use freaking out and do not despair, there are many solutions that can get those tresses flowing. Like mentioned, you can try anything from changing your diet and balancing your hormones to reducing stress and booking a Platelet Rich Plasma appointment. Just saying, it is that easy.


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