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Skincare Tips for Men

It’s overwhelming how much information is out there about how skincare is the portal to the fountain of youth – but, one piece is often missing from the conversation: MEN!

Skincare for men

There is absolutely nothing exclusive about the relationship between skincare and a woman’s skin, any facial or moisturizer that works on a woman can work for a man as well (well, almost always). The beauty industry targets women because women are more self-conscious about their appearance and complexion. However, I think that’s an old way of thinking. Men get acne, blemishes, rosacea, and they care about it! They also care about fine lines, wrinkles and looking old. Men might not spend as much money as women do in the skincare industry, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t thinking about how a little collagen here and a little hyaluronic acid there would work to benefit their skin. Well, be curious no more! Men! Try it out and see for yourself!

We all need a healthy dose of skincare!

First and foremost, all people should cleanse their skin. We all accumulate dirt and excess oil throughout the day. No one is impervious to environmental factors! Although it is probably more common that a man might use a good ol’ bar of soap to wash his face, my advice is: don’t! Upgrade to a medical-grade, dermatologist-approved cleanser and be sure to wash your face before you shave that stubble.

Exfoliate dead skin, because that’s what is making your complexion grey and dull. If you could commit to a twice-weekly exfoliating routine, you’ll already start to see an improvement. Then of course, a dermatologist-approved moisturizer for the last step – this will smooth your skin and keep it hydrated. Something lightweight and perhaps even blended with SPF – there’s a real winner.

Our treatments are for everyone

Efforts to maintain healthy, younger-looking skin doesn’t have to be time consuming, and it doesn’t have to be crazy expensive either. As a man, you shouldn’t be embarrassed to invest in yourself, and your skin should not be an exception! Facials are another great way to jump start your skin care routine. You’ll first meet with a specialist who can assess your skin and suggest the best treatment out there – if you are an acne sufferer, you might start out with Forever Clear BBL, if your skin is looking dull and needs a pick-me-up, you can try a Halo Laser treatment or Vampire Facial. There are so many options out there, so why not start simple and call an expert to teach you the lay of the land… one skincare step at a time.


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