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The age of puckered lips

With the advent of Neuromodulator, fillers, and other anti-aging, collagen boosters, people are able to ward off wrinkles, sagging skin and the visible signs of aging more effectively than ever. There are so many perks to some of the latest technologies in skincare, and one of the biggest trends has been offsetting thinning lips with plumping agents.

One of the major downsides to aging (besides gravity, of course), is that our skin’s elasticity begins to give a little, leaving our skin a little saggier and lips slightly less full. Whether you were born with the perfectly puckered Rosie Huntington lip or age is finally catching up with you, you might be considering what a little injection might do for your face. Well, I’ll tell you, it could do anything from refill your natural plumpness to add a little extra je ne sais quoi to naturally thinning lips, making you look more youthful.

Although aging is one of the most obvious factors in the decline of collagen in lips, there are a few other reasons why your lips might start thinning

  1. One of the most basic tenants of good skin is to lead a healthy lifestyle. That includes eating well, drinking water, avoiding stress, sleeping well, implementing a good skin care routine, and so on. That being said, there are also a few things you should avoid, one obviously detrimental factor that affects your health is smoking. But if your health isn’t a good enough reason to not smoke, then think about how your lips form an “o” around that cigarette (e-cigarette included!) forcing your skin to crease and crinkle dozens of times throughout the day. Yes, smoking can thin your lips from sheer physical force of wrapping your lips around its tiny vessel.
  2. Bad habits start young and die hard, that includes chewing the insides of your lips! Did you know that it requires almost all of your facial muscles to contort just so you can bite off one tiny little piece of skin from the inside of your mouth? Next time you’re feeling nervous or feel yourself starting to chew, think about how many unwelcome wrinkles you are forming every time you massacre the inside of your mouth.
  3. Lastly, you’ve probably heard about the straw epidemic happening worldwide: lose the straw, save the planet! But, did you know that straws are also a contributing factor to thinning lips. Like smoking, savouring every last sip of that beverage requires you to constantly form that little “o” shape around the straw. So next time you order a smoothie or iced coffee, think about how skipping the straw could help reduce waste and potential wrinkles!

There are a few other causes that contribute to thinning lips as mentioned earlier. Habits as simple as drinking more water, consuming less caffeine, and applying lip ointments are easy ways to slow down the process. But the truth is, try as you may, people age, collagen decreases, and our lips shrink.

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