Different types of procedures for acne

The Different Kinds of Acne

There are so many ways that we can go about describing the different types of acne out there. We will spare you the visuals, but for the sake of understanding just how common breakouts, clogged pores, and pimples are, we are going to break down the various types into the 6 most common skin-related issues we see at Elna Esthetics, and the kinds of treatments we have available.


You know what these are, you can spot them on your own face from a mile away. We’ve all had them and if you haven’t had the pleasure of dealing with those pesky little whiteheads, then let me tell you, they are exactly what they sound like: white heads. Sitting on top of your skin like a cute little white button, a whitehead is a an accumulation of sebum and dead skin cells. Showing up on oilier skin types, whiteheads are a kind of pimple that can, for the most part, be treated.


Consider blackheads like a clogged pore, because basically, that’s what is happening. Just like our friendly little whitehead, blackheads are a buildup of sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria, but in contrast to its white counterpart, the oil is oxidized and therefore has a darker colour, which is why is shows up like a black hole, kind of. Blackheads are super common, and with regular exfoliation and clay masks, you can decrease the size and frequency of blackhead buildup on your skin.


Technically speaking, a papule is any bump above the skin. It can be part of a rash or a type of acne. Sometimes, a papule can be inflamed or red in colour.


When you think of a pimple you’re thinking of a postule. A postule looks like a whitehead, I guess, but it’s a pimple that has a head and (hold your breath) if you squeeze it, pus will come out. Usually inflamed, postules come and go and if you pop them, they most likely won’t leave a scar (but try to resist the urge to squeeze). If you don’t have time for a treatment, but your pimples are bothering you, you can try a hot cloth to bring the infection to the surface.


I’ll keep it simple. A cyst is more or less like a postule, but is slightly worse and is often caused by hormones. Best to leave this type of thing to the professionals!


This is a severe form of acne. Not dissimilar from cystic pimples, nodules feel hard and painful. They can come in many shades and colours (they can be red or skin colour). Nodules require a dermatologist to prescribe treatment like antibiotics, medications or other solutions.

Here’s what we’ve got that might be interesting to you:

Forever Clear BBL: an effective acne treatment using intense pulsed light (IPL) to directly address the cause of acne while also reducing the existing inflammation and redness.

Laser resurfacing: Dramatically improving the skin’s appearance, laser resurfacing helps target acne scarring. Peeling away the damaged layers of skin, laser resurfacing is precise, accurate, and while your skin heals, you’ll notice tighter and younger looking skin.

So, that’s the long and the short of it. I hope this info was helpful, but if you have more questions, let’s talk! Call or email today.


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