The Solution to Uneven Skin Tone

Who decides what the standard of beauty is? What is it about some faces, certain facial structures and textures that makes one face more beautiful than the other? Is it the glow that radiance let’s off that makes a woman beam? Or, is it the even tone, colouration, and symmetry of her face that makes people ooh and aah in her direction? Or maybe, is beauty all in the eye of the beholder?

So, let’s assume for the sake of being kind that beauty is all in the eye of the beholder. Now let’s shelf that beautiful idea and get back to evening out skin tones, working on texture and colouration, and of course, the biggest clincher, symmetry. There are things we can control and then there are things we can’t control, and although we cannot completely morph the structure of our faces, with a little filler here and there, you can actually even out some of your facial appearances. Anything is possible in today’s age, but for those who are more into facials and skin care products, hold onto your seats, because your inner beauty is about to start shining!

For women over 30, it’s quite common that the visible signs of aging start to surface, especially if you’re a sun-soaker. Your skin will begin to look a little less even from a little sun spot here and some redness there, but with a proper skin care regimen, along with a Halo Hybrid Laser to jump start it all, you’ll be well on your way to smooth, youthful looking skin in no time.

The Halo Hybrid Laser is a highly effective treatment that sees effective, if not, dramatic results. By combining deep rejuvenation and stimulating skin repair, the Halo laser treatments renews your skin to see fewer fine lines and wrinkles, targets discolouration, and evens out those unwanted blemishes and redness.

The results are long-lasting, and if the name doesn’t speak for itself, you’ll walk out looking (and feeling) like a glowing angel!

Another amazing option for those want to opt out of the at-home multi-step skin care routine is the Forever Young BBL. The Broadband Light therapy is a non-invasive procedure that sends intense pulsed light to reduce brown spots, redness, and other skin damage (did I already mention that you should start using sunscreen?!). By breaking up the pigment that causes discolouration, Forever Young BBL is a highly effective treatment that basically turns back time (think Cher, lol!).

There’s no one prototype of what true beauty is. I think it’s fair for us to agree that we are all beautiful in our own way, but if you are ready to look and feel your most beautiful, then why not indulge in a little spa treatment? Call or email today for a free consultation. Our experts will be happy to teach you everything they know about all things skin related!


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