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Facial Hair

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Some women are lucky enough to have been given the gift of light, super fine facial hair. Others, have to deal with facial hair, sometimes on a daily basis. Facial hair can be different for every woman, from a few hairs on the upper lip to a beard-like quantity of unwanted hair.

Regardless of how much unwanted hair you might have, facial hair can make women feel embarrassed and self-conscious.

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Causes Of Facial Hair

Many factors trigger the growth of unwanted facial hair. However, the main cause is considered to be hormonal.

During their mid to late thirties, women’s estrogen levels begin to decline, therefore leaving a higher than normal concentration of androgens in their bloodstream.

For some women, menopause can also trigger the onset of facial hair growth. This is also due to a lack of balance in hormonal levels.

In some cases, tumors or other medical conditions may cause a sudden growth in facial hair. Certain medications have also been linked to facial hair growth.
Facial hair is most often located on the chin, cheeks, or upper lips.


Hirsutism is a medical condition described as male-pattern hair growth in women. Women affected by hirsutism have excessive quantities of coarse, dark hair on areas of the body where men typically grow hair. Hirsutism is most visible on the face, back, and chest. Hirsutism affects approximately 5 percent of women.

Hirsutism is often genetic and linked to a persistent hormonal imbalance.

Although some medications may reduce the effects of hirsutism and halt further hair growth, hair removal is also a necessary portion of the treatment.


Why Have I Suddenly Grown Hair On My Face?

Why Have I Suddenly Grown Hair On My Face?

With age, a reduction of the estrogen hormone can result in an increase of facial hair. Various treatments are available to reduce the appearance of unwanted hair. Laser Hair Removal is considered to be the most effective method of hair removal.

Should I See A Doctor?

Should I See A Doctor?

Sudden hair growth can be indicative of certain medical conditions. Especially if your sudden hair growth is accompanied by other symptoms, consulting a medical practitioner is advisable.

Is Laser Hair Removal Uncomfortable?

Is Laser Hair Removal Uncomfortable?

The procedure is non-invasive, typically gentle and safe. Generally, there is no need for a topical anesthetic; however, your specialized technician may choose to use it depending on your sensitivities.

How Many Laser Sessions Will I Need?

How Many Laser Sessions Will I Need?

The number of treatments needed will vary from patient to patient and your specialized technician will personalize a treatment plan based on your objectives.

Facial Hair Treatment Options

Our specialized team can recommend the best possible solution that will suit your unique condition and desired effects.

To find-out which treatment could be right for you, book an appointment today.

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