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Facial skin laxity is a normal part of aging that affects people at different levels of severity. In an untreated case of laxity, facial characteristics can be described as:

deeper nasolabial folds
collected fat beneath the chin
slackened jaw line, jowls
drooped eyelids
eyebrows, cheeks, and tip of nose go southward

The effects of facial laxity are considered amongst the most noticeable signs of aging.
Prevention and early treatment are the best way to reduce the impact that facial laxity will have on your face.


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Causes of Facial Skin Laxity

Facial skin laxity is caused by both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Genetics, poor diet, stress, exposure to environmental toxins and smoking, are all factors that can contribute to the loss of elasticity of the skin. Other major factors include:

Gravity: This force actually does play a large role in pulling our looser skin downwards.

Loss of collagen: The body’s collagen production reduces by about 1% each year. As a result, skin sags, and wrinkles and lines develop. Collagen is indispensable because it provides structure, volume and elasticity of the skin.

Sun exposure: UV rays from the sun penetrate into the skin and injure the elastic fibers that are responsible for the firmness of skin tissues. Sun exposure is also responsible for wrinkles, sun spots, and uneven skin pigmentation on the face, hands and chest.

Weight fluctuations: With the loss of skin elasticity that comes with age, our skin does not react effectively to weight fluctuations.

Loss of volume in the face: At approximately the age of 35, the fatty layers beneath the skin begin to thin, and the ligaments that support the facial muscles begin to stretch. In time, this causes the skin to sag.

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Who Can Get Sagging Skin?

As it is impossible to completely put a stop to the signs of aging, in time, everyone will experience some form of skin laxity. Although genetics and other factors will determine how early your skin will begin to sag, no skin is invulnerable to laxity. For this reason, prevention should be a main focus for both men and women. Keeping your skin as healthy, hydrated, and protected from the sun as possible, will considerably delay the aging process and the onset of skin laxity.

If you are noticing that your skin is beginning to sag or hang, a certified dermatologist will be able to diagnose skin laxity and recommend possible options, including skin tightening treatments.

Skin Tightening Treatment Options

Improving the quality of the skin’s texture and appearance can benefit both younger and older patients. Finding the best possible treatment depends on the severity of your facial skin laxity. Our specialized team can recommend the optimal solution that will suit your unique condition and desired effects. Below are some of our popular treatment options.

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Laser Skin Resurfacing
can be effective for patients looking to improve the appearance of skin laxity and reduce jowls.

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Platelet Rich Plasma (Platelet Rich Plasma) Skin Tightening
is an effective treatment for wrinkles, as well as dull looking and lax skin.

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Dermal Fillers
injections can compensate the loss of volume in the face.

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Non-surgical skin tightening treatments can be effective, safe solutions for mild to moderate loose skin. If you would like to improve the quality of your skin, and are unwilling to undergo an invasive surgical procedure, non-surgical skin tightening could be the solution for you.

Treatment options depend on the patient’s condition, lifestyle and overall needs. Our specialized team will be able to recommend a personalized treatment program that will best suit you.

Results vary on the type of treatment, as well as the patient’s skin type, lifestyle, and overall health.

At Elna Esthetics, we aim to offer the most effective and innovative non-surgical cosmetic treatments to our patients. With our patients’ safety in mind, we ensure that our equipment is of the highest quality and our team is highly trained. Nevertheless, any treatment may still come with potential risks. We will provide you with complete information about possible treatment risks.

Why Chose Elna?

At Elna, our clients’ health and wellbeing are at the core of everything we do. We are more than Elna Esthetics. We are a network of healthcare centers of excellence, providing a wide range of care to Montrealers.

Our Montreal Esthetics Clinic is equipped with innovative, world-class devices that ensure that our clients get the safest, most effective treatments available. Our doctors are specialized and highly trained in various non-surgical, cosmetic procedures. They have years of experience and the knowledge required to provide you with the best recommendations.

At Elna Esthetics, we offer various proven treatments for facial skin laxity. Speak to our experts to find-out what treatment is right for you.


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